From a Mother .. to her Daughter on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to every woman out there..  To the mothers.. To the daughters that are mothers and to the daughters that will one day become a mother. There is no greater gift in this life than becoming a mother. It is a path filled with many things.. Many emotions .. Many hardships.. Many smiles.. Many tears.. Many laughs and many lessons.

To my daughter .. Who will one day, be a mother to her own.

I love you.. I’ve loved you from the first day that I saw that little heart beating.. from that first kick.. To the day that you were born. I’ve never stopped loving you and I never will.

There were good days and bad days.. Sleepless nights, broken hearts, slamming doors and times that lacked understanding. There were also a lot of I love you’s. Hugs and kisses, talks and listening without saying a word. Please know that when you become a mother, the good will always outweigh the bad. And that one day being a mom will mean more to you than anything else in this world.

There will be times that you’ll wonder if you’ve done the right thing, or said the right words. Please know, that if what you did came from the heart.. It will always be the right thing. And remember to always choose your words wisely, because you can never take them back once they’re said.

There will be days that you’ll fear that your child will make the same mistakes that you did. Please know, that mistakes are a blessing. They’re teaching tools to becoming an amazing person. Always trust that mistakes will be made and those mistakes are what make us who we are. And PLEASE .. Please.. Please.. Never forget.. That if you don’t trust your child to make the right choices or even bad ones.. They will NEVER learn to trust themself. Trust will always begin with you.

There will come a day when you’ll have to say goodbye to that small helpless child that you’ve watched grow for 18 years. You’ll hope and pray that you’ve given them the tools that they need to make it on their own. Please know, that that goodbye is not a goodbye .. Because being a mom doesn’t stop there. You’ll always be a mom. And that gift will stay with you always .. and forever.

Especially on Mother’s Day


Doesn’t Really Matter…

Do I have to be alone?
Should I stay where I am?
Do I go?
Do I love him?
Does he even care?

Does any of this really matter?

Do I keep this or that?
Should I give it away?
Do I move away?
Should I stay?

Does any of this really matter?

Do I want to love?
Do I want to learn?
Do I want to live?
Do I want to give?

Does any of this really matter?

It all matters and it all doesn’t matter.. its all an illusion!
It is all of the “stuff” that we make up in our heads to drive us crazy.
Our so called wants and needs….
Our so called likes and dislikes..
Our conditions… expectations … our thinking.

Well, I’m giving it all away!

No more overthinking
No more wants and needs
No more future.. or past
No more expectations ..or correlations

NO…. MORE! Because in the end… it doesn’t really matter!!

Love…. is just… IS.

It really.. just is 🙂


Love isn’t sought after or waited for.

Love isn’t boastful  or feared.

Love isn’t ego or pride.

Love isn’t control or jealousy.

Love isn’t expectation or need.

Love isn’t sadness or disappointment.

Love.. just is

Love is giving and patient.

Love is always kind.

Love is eternal and true.

Love is a reflection of self.

Love is your true belief system… projected in a way that always gives.

Love is walking the path of spirituality… and grabbing hands along the way.

LOVE is what we are to give…. in all walks of life and in every way.

Love……. it just is.

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You are only a reflection of what another chooses to “SEE”

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You may see me as: selfish and impossible.. it’s ok! as my purpose in this life is to serve and give freely.

You may see me as: A reflection of your own insecurities; your own wants; your own needs. Thats ok! As I see you as a soul in need of LOVE.

You may see me as: You listen to my words and hear only what you decide you want to hear… as this is the nature of humanity.

That’s alright! I will continue to speak truth.. as “TRUTH” is where healing begins.

You may see me as: You continue to seek “ACCEPTANCE” from others.. Please understand, that one day.. you will have no choice but to stand alone .. with only the truth of who you are. You will have to make a choice that you spent years preparing for.. Where acceptance of self will be the only thing standing between you…

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