True Strength..

Happy Sat. to you!! 😀

Thought provoking question for you….. What is true strength?

My thought: I wish I could answer this question and have it be true for everyone. We all have a story… we’ve all made decisions based on our own experiences; our own successes and failures; our own truths. I can only answer this question for myself… and I’ve done so many times. Life is forever changing… adapting to it is strength in and of it’s self. We are going to have days where we’ll have to say, hello…. goodbye… I’m holding on… I”m letting go… I want this… I don’t want this… I love you… I don’t love you…I”m going to do this… I’m not going to do this… I will have a better tomorrow… or I’m perfectly happy with where I am.  TRUE strength comes from knowing… that regardless of a decision we decide to make; regardless of the life we decide to live;  the people around us and our story. No-matter how many times we fall… we KNOW that we’ll remain true to who we are. Keeping our minds and hearts open to learning everyday… is where true strength lies…          


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