How it came to be…..

A little poetry for you today… enjoy!!

 In a field of Irises .. There is one that stands out from the rest. It is taller then most and stronger then all. It is bright with color and filled with life… the most alluring of them all.

 An inner most desire …. A fantasy… consists of a giving and taking on the deepest level of passion. One without doubt; without reason; without regret. A love so pure it’ll drive a man to his knees begging for more…. And a woman screaming in pure pleasure …. This inner most desire is known to most and felt by none… it is the union of two souls…. The connecting of everything there is to be true….  A passion the exceeds every expectation… a fire that burns deep enough to leave a scar …. A yarning so great… that the fear is more than a man can take. This passion starts with a whisper …. And ends with a scream … as to souls become one… nothing is held back… not a thought…. A want …. A need… they’ve come together to give all that they have…. 

 only the droplets of sweat falling to the ground… know the truth and how it all came to be….   


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