Having Faith in What you believe …

Having Faith.. in what you believe…

Have you ever questioned your belief? Do you ever wonder if, perhaps there may be a flaw in your thinking?

I think we all do this at least once in our life. And in doing so has brought you closer to what it is that you find faith in… I, myself have questioned.. wondered.. and searched … I’ve done this many times… and is what has made me who I am today. I’ve always had faith in my abilities … always in others.. and always in life to guide me to my belonging …  these things will never change! The twists and turns down that long road that we call “life” has a way of bringing us to our faith… There has been a time or two that that darn “dead end” has stopped me in my tracks and pushed me into faith.. faith was the only thing that I could see and the “only” option I had.. which paved the way for new road; new twists and turns… and of course, new “dead ends”.

Faith is what keeps us human.. keeps us grounded.. moves us out of doubt and into our greatness.  It is our faith in life that makes our dreams come true and our love shine through!!


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