What to write? …..

I’m sitting here debating what to write… I have so much to share; so much to tell; and even more to say..

I want to write something brilliant … something raw and insightful. I want something that will intrigue and captivate … make you want to stay right here! What is it? What is that one thing that will give you the answer that you’ve been looking for? How many words is it? What color is the text? I’ve been waiting so long to find those amazing words. I know they’re here… I just can’t seem to pull them out.. can you believe it? “Jen” can’t find the words…. lol  Perhaps she has used them up… maybe there’s nothing else to say? Is it time to move forward? Time to stop searching for the words? Time to stop trying to be brilliant… ?

What is “brilliant”, anyway? is it knowing everything about everything? Seeing all in all that is seen? Feeling all that is felt? or perhaps, it’s being all that there is to be…..

I don’t know…. you tell me…..


5 thoughts on “Brilliant!!”

  1. Brilliance is fleeting,like a rainbow,sometimes vibrant and alive,sometimes dim and far away,but you know it when you see,and have no doubt about it,you'll never touch it but it can be felt,you'll never hold it but it can be grasped,you should not look for it,simply wait until you see it. That is brilliance!

    1. Brilliance to me is when our thoughts are One with the Universal mind of God. That painting that flows through the artist paint brush, that book written that inspires millions, that speech that was not prepared but moved the hearts of many. But there is more… brilliance is the artist, the writer, the speaker that knows that was not me…

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