It’s Right There….

I see people everyday, looking, searching, wanting and asking for love… and all I can think is, it’s right there… don’t you see it? It’s there.. it always has been and always will be! Love is a force … most times it is the very force that wakes us up and shakes us into reality. It moves beyond our fear and forces us to do the very thing that we’ve convinced ourselves we could not do. Love is good!! It doesn’t carry grievances …. or envy…. or jealousy… or pain. If you live your life as a true expression of the love that you so badly desire .. isn’t love “Right There”?

All too often we’re too busy looking to find it… We fail to realize that “it’s Right There”  We fail to see beyond what’s set in front of us… We look to find love in another. Little do we know.. that “It’s Right There” Life begins and ends as one… All of the people and situations that we faced are tools to help us in our becoming a greater expression of True love… The true love that is felt by you and shines through you… allowing you to pass it onto the next person that crosses your path. Love is the most powerful force known to man. It can move mountains … save lives and it can set you free… free from pain… free from expectation …. free from disappointment …and even regret.

Love doesn’t have to be looked for or found… it’s something that is “Right There” all along… Open your eyes and see it!!


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