The Music Lives On…..

Have you considered the fact that many people die with the music still living inside of them … never to have been played for the world to hear? 


Why? Many are conditioned to believe that regardless of how they may feel at any time throughout life…. There is a right and wrong way of doing something… To always follow their mind… To do what is expected of them by another.. To do as they told and taught … this way of thinking will lead them to all that they’ll ever need and more but, what about that music? Why is it singing a different tune? Why is it provoking thoughts of something new?

The truth of the matter is….. This music has always been playing in the back of your mind… it has always been there… taunting you! Calling out to you! Trying to get your attention… This music is the music playing in your heart and soul. It is singing the tune that names your true purpose. It wants you to feel fulfilled… To live as you were meant to live. To love as you were meant to love. To be as you were meant to be. It is there and it’ll stay there until you decide to sing that song.

Don’t die with the music still living inside of you!  Set it free……  


5 thoughts on “The Music Lives On…..”

  1. I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Although this is relatively new for me, I love blogging and reading the blogs of others and the sharing of what are sometimes very personal thoughts. The type of communication that’s experienced in the blogosphere, and between so many people, makes me feel how truly connected we all are on a higher level. I also know that when someone begins blogging, it’s not to win awards but to share with others. And sometimes it’s therapy for our self. That being said, I find your blog interesting and inspiring and I want to thank you for your contribution. If you choose to accept the award, you’ll find the “instructions” linked here:

    Love and Light, Rev. Dani Lynn

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