A Happy Mother’s Day… to Heaven!

Wow… here it is, again.. A Mother’s Day Card… with love that has to be sent to heaven.


Id like to share my story with you… it is one of true love, strength, and acceptance. The power of a mothers love and the impact it can have on the world…


My Mother lived a hard life.. one that was full of tremendous abuse.. from the time that she was a little girl, well into adulthood. She had many trials and tribulations. Many heartbreaks.. some brought on by her way of thinking and some brought on by life it’s self. She has been here and there.. given and taken.. filled with fear and conquered fear. She has fought and fought even more. She always gave truth… and always let me learn from the mistakes that she knew were about to come.. She let me fight my own battles, and she was always there to hug me when I lost. She didn’t have all of the money in the world.. there were many times that we barely got by with what we had. I didn’t get a car for my 16th birthday.. nor did she hand me any of the things that any normal young adult would get these days. I had to work for anything that I wanted… even as a young child. I’m talking the simple things that most children take for granted. And I was good with it.. what was I to do? Either I wanted something and worked … or I didn’t.  


Now, let me share with you what it is that I took from my experience’s as a child and as an adult. Because my mother was the person that she was.


As a child.. my mother was always there… there was never a time that I can remember her to be too busy. She inspired me to do my own thinking.. regardless of how flawed she thought it may have been. She would guide me in the direction to follow my own heart.. to always listen and understand what it was telling me. She always believed in my ability to solve problems. She always pointed out my talents. She always gave me unconditional love.. NOT material THINGS.. but, the things that truly matter. She always loved.. even a complete stranger. As a child I didn’t understand it. How can a person be so loving.. always smiling .. so forgiving? I didn’t get it then … and today, I do!!


My mother’s life and death.. the memories she has left behind.. and the love that she gave has inspired me to be all that I am today.. Everything that I’ve been through.. all that I’ve shared and everything that I do is a true testament of the power of a mothers’s love!! Some of her last words to me .. words that I will never forget, is proof of how much love she gave and is giving. I will share them with you…


This is one of the last times I spoke with her… she passed away 3 days later. She said, ” Jen.. When it’s my time to go… it’s my time to go. You’ve always been my tag-along. You still are. You are my blessing… don’t give up on your family, honey! I’ll be watching from above .. to make sure that you’re always ok”


I believe that she’s here… many wonderful things have come my way… I am truly blessed!! THANK you mom.. for making me the person that I am today!! I love you… Happy Mother’s Day!! 🙂




5 thoughts on “A Happy Mother’s Day… to Heaven!”

  1. I too had one of those mothers. One whose abuse coloured who she was. She became much more than her circumstance and she taught me about truth and love and all the bumps in the road along the way to finding those two things. I can only hope that i will inspire my children as my own mother inspired me.

    1. You don’t need to hope to inspire… it comes naturally 🙂 and if it was given… you’ll pass it on without even knowing .. My daughter is graduating HS in a few weeks and will be 18 in a few months… I had her very young and made a ton of mistakes.. but somehow, through it all .. she seemed to gain a true sense of herself and life .. this came naturally to me and then to her.. Honesty, love and faith.. will always find a way. Especially if you hold them dear yourself.

      And thank you! my mom is smiling from above 🙂

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