Love.. Being Inlove.. Giving It and Our Obsession with It… according to me.

First things first.. I want to make some things clear!

First, The definition of “love” is not going to be the same for every person. We define things based on our experience.. our life and lessons learned, or not learned. We see things according to many responses  … there’s no scientific fact.. there’s no formula for it, nor is there proof that one way of thinking is greater than another. My opinion… on love.. is just that!! I can only give my true beliefs … my lessons learned… and my own love. With that being said, here ya go….


LOVE, it can be given freely and should be. LOVE shouldn’t be feared .. and Self love should come first. How are you going to give it if you don’t have it to give? Self love, trust and openness go hand in hand .. you can’t give one of these things without the others. If you fail at love, you’re NOT a failure .. it just means you have more lessons to learn and need more time to figure out who you are. I you give love and feel unfulfilled … you don’t “yet” have enough to give away.. and it’s OK!

LOVE begins and ends with you!! so… having it yourself will be all that you’ll need.

(remember: these are my beliefs)

Being Inlove:

I’m inlove with LOVE…LOL! it consumes me … I give it freely to those that will accept it.. I love myself first! I try to help people understand their definition of it. I live every day inspired by it. Love is what makes the world a great place.. or not, for that matter. Being inlove is the worlds greatest gift.

Our Obsession With Love:

There have been books written on it… and because of it. There are famous “quotes” about it. People do the silliest things because if it… and some of the greatest things because of it. We live to search and find a definition of it. We want and will stop at nothing to get it. We sing about it. Write about it.. watch movies about it. We are obsessed with it!

At the end of the day… All I can say for certain is: If you seek TRUE love.. you must be an example of the love that you seek in it’s truest form!! you always get what you give!!


(to be continued) Pt2  coming soon!!


4 thoughts on “Love.. Being Inlove.. Giving It and Our Obsession with It… according to me.”

  1. Well said! Love is truely in the air. It is everywhere, but you can miss out on it if it is confused with desire. Love does not form from what benefits one. But one may choose to only love that which benefits them.

  2. I love this and I have eerily similar sentiments! Self love is definitely the first step, and then it seems that everything else becomes love too. 🙂 Wonderful post.

  3. Thank you! very much appreciated! When writing this post, I really didn’t consider it wonderful. It give a brief description of my true feelings, I have so much more to But, what is seen through the eyes of the beholder… is what it is 😀 so I thank you, both!!

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