Recipe for a Happiness, 101

After much thought about my opinion on true happiness and my belief that happiness is defined by ones own individual need, I’ve come up with a basic recipe that I think “all” should consider…..

  • Find Purpose.
  • Love without conditions or limits.
  • Learn from your failures.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Honestly.
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people.
  • Let happy thoughts kick negatives butt!

Finding Purpose…

There is purpose in every action .. whether it be positive or negative .. it’s there. But… the purpose i’m referring to is a much deeper thought.   It is one that starts with a smile… and the joy it brings is endless.  A purposeful life…  You’re True calling …  Not the reason for waking up everyday to the sound of the alarm clock… but, your reason for being!

From what I’ve gathered from books I’ve read.. People that I’ve talked to … My own experiences and revelations… and just plain common sense. I’ve discovered that everybody should have the same main purpose.

That purpose is, To discover true love and to share it with the world!!


Love without conditions or limits…

To love unconditionally and without limits … is a huge step on the road to true happiness.

It is all too often that we place limits, restrictions and conditions on our loving and those we love. We expect those around us to change.. simply because we have. We give to others.. only what is being given to us. We tend to limit our love.. because we’ve been hurt… and we can’t handle the possibility that this may happen again. There are so many reasons to not give it… Right?

Well… here are some reasons as to why I say you should:

Love is our Spiritual Identity .. and in which ever way you decide to perceive it, will untimely define who you are.. and who those around you are.  Meaning.. Give love.. and those around you and they will want to do the same, or don’t and they won’t. It’s that simple!! And.. YES! you are bound to be hurt from time to time … there’s no way around it. It’s just life’s way of teaching us to be the greater expression of love.


Learn from your failures….

First, A FAILURE is only a failure if YOU say it’s a failure!!

Really… think about it! We all live life… we all make mistakes… we all learn.. and some of us don’t. We all have a story.. some of us have many.. Everything that happens to us in our life time… is a result of … a decision that we decide to make for one reason or another. Why not learn something and move on?  That is what you are here to do…. is it not??



Forgiveness is a process in which resentment, pain and fear… no longer harbor the soul.  Self forgiveness is the absolute most important and rewarding thing you can ever offer yourself!!   Not only, does it help you to heal wounds… it also opens doors to help others to do the same.  Is a precious gift… and should never be taken for granted.



Good ole Honestly … Oh how I love thee … lol

Like the old saying goes…. It’s better to be honest and hated, than to be a liar and thief!!  “liar and thief” because … When we decide to give something other than truth… We’re not only taking from our self and from our greatness. We’re taking from another.. or many. It all stems from trust and the ability to accept the fact that… when in giving mode… whether it be truth or lies, we’re giving information to another person about who we are. We want then to have all the information available to make a decision on whether or not .. values, likes, needs and wants match … and in order to an accurate assumption, of course they need truth!  Not only that but, truth and honesty … can save a life.


Surrounding yourself with like minded people…

Ha.. I have found this to be easier said, than done … at times. But can definitely be done!! Look around…. Say, HI! … They’re out there … looking for you! Wanna be happy…. be the happiness that you seek!


Let happy thoughts kick negatives butt….. this! It’s possible! believe me… I’ve seen it happen .. and I’ve let happy thoughts take my day and turn it into an amazing day!  I want you to try this…

Take a piece of paper (large if possible)

Draw a large smiley face on it, yes… you can add hair and

Next, write the word “SMILE” on the bottom

Take the face and stick it on the wall next to your bed.. so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning!

It will remind you .. that YOU can decide what kind of day you’re going to have. Not only that… but, when you look at it … you WILL smile… and give the gift of a smile to every person that you see.. or meet!

happy.. happy.. thoughts!!!


SO With all of that being said, I say… Live, Love and give… with all that you have… forgive with your whole heart… Meet and keep great people… and above all… THINK about the happiness that you seek many times a day… and don’t let anyone or anything keep you from your greatness!!!









4 thoughts on “Recipe for a Happiness, 101”

  1. So glad to find like-minded people here! We have no financial drive to spread words of truth, and competing with the words of profit is difficult. The truth is that we are all designed like-minded to a degree, but at the first breath of this world we are influenced to be something we are not; spiritless consumers. Thank you once again for being a beautiful influence on this world! I believe in your power to make a difference with your message.

    1. Thank you sir!!
      VERY much appreciated!! Thank “you” for being the same! I always enjoy your prospective .. thought provoking .. and like in many ways!!

  2. Thank you for posting this. It is beautiful and has really touched me. I needed to read this. I also want to add that love is what makes our differences easily overcome. Our differences make the world an interesting and exciting place to be.

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