Having A Mind That is Open To Everything… and Attached to Nothing…

As children are conditioned to think in one way or another. Many factors come into play that mold us into the adult that become. Some of us have had, and still do have many choice that were and are unexplored due to a well-intended conditioning program, designed to make us fit our culture. Some of us were encouraged to have an open mind, but when going against our preordained conditioning, probably heard stronger voices insisting that we get back into line .. and do things the way they have always been done.

Having an open mind without some type of attachment … is no easy task. It does however, have the most amazing effect on your thinking and on your life πŸ™‚

Having an opened mind: (in simple terms) Is basically accepting our limitless potential. We are capable of doing whatever our mind is open to doing!!

Have you heard or read: (whether you can or can not do it… you’re right) it’s true! think about it…

An open mind allows us to explore, create and grow… Progress would not be possible if we always did things the same way!

Attached to nothing: (simplified) An attachment is a wanting or needing of someone or something, whereas your ego is the dominate force in your thinking.

In order to release these attachments .. you have to make a profound shift in how you view yourself.

The need to be “right”

the need to have more “things” than the next person.

these are attachments !!

It is possible to have a burning desire, yet not have attachments. You can have a vision of what it is that you want and still detach yourself from the outcome. Detaching yourself from the outcome is the key!!! it is called Infinite patients”. It implies an absolute certainty that whatever it is that you envision, will indeed show up in perfect order, and exactly on time πŸ™‚ In this inner knowing is a sense of inner peace.


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