WOW! 18 years ago…….. An Amazing Baby Girl Was Born…..

18 years ago today… my daughter was born into this world… she was 7lbs 11oz and 22″ long… labor and delivery.. about 3 hours .. (not too bad) 🙂 I was 19 years old … and I can say, that I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. You don’t even know what the world has to offer you at that age.. but, I took on the role and made it work in whatever way I could.. There were hard times.. good times.. scary times.. and times when all I could really do was pray that it would all work out in the end.

From the day this baby was born, until now.. all I wanted was for her to be all of the things that I was not; to have all of the things that I didn’t; to see all of the things that I couldn’t.. I wanted her to be a strong, independent young woman … one that would voice an opinion.. stand for what she believes .. and never let anyone or anything stand in the way of her dreams. I also wanted to instill in her… values … love …. and compassion. That was no easy task for a young mother who didn’t have the chance to discover these things for herself. Time went on…Between working (working 2 jobs some of the time) and trying to discover my own truths.. I barely had time to see this precious little being… all I could do was my best… and give what I could.

Time went on… and so did life.. this precious little girl turned into teen… I will say that we had hard days..LOL! There were arguments … slamming doors (a LOT of those) … battles of will …. phone calls from the police (only one) THANK goodness!! a LOT of crying and a LOT of love and understanding. I was ridiculed for being a friend and not a parent … but, I don’t think that was the case… I think that that is what some people saw because.. their value system was different then mine… but, I knew I was giving her the tools she needed to become the person that “SHE”  would want to become.

I wasn’t perfect then… and I’m not today! I’ve made a ton of mistakes… I’ve also learned a great deal from them … I always wished I could have given more… given more time… more love… more everything.  

How much is enough? How do you know if all that you’ve given will be enough?

You don’t!! all you can do … is give what you do have and pray!

I received this today:

“” MOM, im 18. 😦 
I just want to let you know that you did such a great job these past 18 are seriously the best mom i could ask for. thank you so much for everything that you have done for me…i couldnt have made it this far without you. You are such an amazing person!! inside and out! You deserve nothing but the best..thanks for putting up with me 😉 
I LOVE YOUU!! ♥ xoxox””


To this I reply:

 Thank you for doing such a GREAT job for 18 years!! You are seriously, the best daughter a mother could ask for.. THANK you for teaching me that talking to the walls… really does pay off! LOL! I wouldn’t be the parent that am today without you!! You have grown into a beautiful young woman inside and out!! … THANK you for being everything that I am .. and everything that I am NOT! YOU deserve nothing but the best… and I have not doubt that, that is the only thing that you’ll accept!  THANK you for hearing all of my preaching … and giving all that you have… I LOVE YOU!! ❤ ❤


4 thoughts on “WOW! 18 years ago…….. An Amazing Baby Girl Was Born…..”

  1. Your comments brought back such memories! I am nearly 74 now, but when I was 18, I wrote a poem for my mom for Mother’s Day and presented it to her with 20 roses. “These twenty roses represent – the long, hard years that you have spent – in the wearisome task of motherhood – to raise two girls to womanhood… The 18 red ones are a sign – of the years when blame was mine – for HALF the worries and the strife – that two young daughters brought into your life… The two that are white are trying to – symbolize the years before I came to you – when there were fewer tears to dry – and only one to ask you WHY?” It went on to tell Mom why she was so special – and at the end of the poem said something to the effect of, “…and those are the reasons I wanted to say – I love you enough to send roses today.” Eighteen is a very special age – at least it was for me – when we stop long enough to reflect on how much our moms mean to us. How wonderful that your daughter wrote you that dear letter. If you are anything like my mom (and I think you are), you will cherish it to your dying day – and your daughter will keep and treasure it when you are gone. God bless you!!

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