You are only a reflection of what another chooses to “SEE”

You may see me as: selfish and impossible.. it’s ok! as my purpose in this life is to serve and give freely.

You may see me as: A reflection of your own insecurities; your own wants; your own needs. Thats ok! As I see you as a soul in need of LOVE.

You may see me as: You listen to my words and hear only what you decide you want to hear… as this is the nature of humanity.

That’s alright! I will continue to speak truth.. as “TRUTH” is where healing begins.

You may see me as: You continue to seek “ACCEPTANCE” from others.. Please understand, that one day.. you will have no choice but to stand alone .. with only the truth of who you are. You will have to make a choice that you spent years preparing for.. Where acceptance of self will be the only thing standing between you and love.

You may see me as: Preachy.. Arrogant.. Self-centered.. pushy.. bossy.. impolite… intolerant.. over-critical.. Rude.. stubborn.. and a bit foolish.

I can live with this! As I know and truly believe that, A judgement made.. doesn’t define a person.. it defines the judge! A judgement is a true reflection of a judge’s doubts.. fears.. beliefs and insecurities. 

Fact is: I AM how you choose to see me! You think of me.. as you think of yourself! You take from me.. what you take from yourself! You listen to my words.. as you listen to your own inner-voice!!

Conclusion: You want an amazing life.. amazing friends.. an amazing soul…. (NOT some fake version of it) ??

START WITH YOU!! Learn to accept your past.. SEE it! Learn from it… and move forward!

Learn to accept your failures .. as Failure is but a myth… There is ALWAYS something to be gained from something lost!

Learn to accept your insecurities.. for they are the stepping stones to truth and love!

Learn to accept you are you are.. change what you are “NOT” and live with love in your heart! ONLY then.. will you truly be able to give with purpose!!        


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