The truth about me…..

I’d like you to know what drives me.. what makes me feel alive.. why I feel I am here..

I didn’t have the best childhood nor did I have parents with the best parenting skills… I had to learn most things the hard way.. and had practically no guidance. I’ve made a lot of mistakes.. Broken a lot of hearts.. hit the bottom (a few times) lol…. Done almost every drug.. drank for days at a time.. lied through my teeth.. Passed out in every place imaginable … and I’ve been hurt! This resulted in some of the things listed above. So when I say, “I’ve been there” I really have. You can say these things about a lot of people… I mean, who HASN’T had a rough life in one form or another?

Now, I’m not perfect.. and I don’t pretend to be.. I’m perfectly fine with making mistakes and making the same mistake twice.. (NOT 3 times) LOL. I’m fine with people not liking me.. (just not lying to me)LOL and I REALLY am perfectly fine with the person that I am today. (but, always room for improvement) 😉 I try to see life in a way that is beneficial to my wellbeing ..as well as to those that are in my life.This comes easy for me.. and I am not bound by chains or walls or negativity…and is why I am a blessing to a mother and a hero to a daughter… which brings me to my passion…

Helping others to see their full potential!! Helping them to know.. that where they came from is NOT who they have to be!! And what they were taught can be rewritten!!


7 thoughts on “About”

    1. Stu… 😀 THANK you so much for popping over!! I absolutely adore your blog. I”ve been meaning to get back over there and do some more reading. Thank you for the compliment 🙂 just being me … all of the good, bad and ugly.. lol ty

  1. I like the way you told it.Most of us would be shy or ashamed to admit some things.Fearing of ourselves or to be judged by others.But for whom or from whom?
    Thank you for being honest and open. ❤

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