What do you think about?

What do you think about?


Love…. it just… IS.

Love isn’t sought after or waited for.

Love isn’t boastful  or feared.

Love isn’t ego or pride.

Love isn’t control or jealousy.

Love isn’t expectation or need.

Love isn’t sadness or disappointment.

Love.. just is

Love is giving and patient.

Love is always kind.

Love is eternal and true.

Love is a reflection of self.

Love is your true belief system… projected in a way that always gives.

Love is walking the path of spirituality… and grabbing hands along the way.

LOVE is what we are to give…. in all walks of life and in every way.

Love……. it just is.

YOU… yes, YOU!

The amazing thing about you is that “you” are the only you. Sure, there may be an impostor out there pretending to be you.. but, he will never know your strengths, your desires, your past, your lessons …. he will never know your soul. He will never be able to look you in the eye. He will never be able you give you what’s right. He’s out there wandering without a clue.. until that day comes when he sees the real “you”.

Things I Would Say To My Daughter.. if I had one day to live..

I would tell her that, there will be good days and bad days.. and to be thankful for them all.

I would tell her that, friends will come and go.. true friends will stay and true love will always find a way.

I would tell my daughter to always tell the truth in a way that she’d want to hear it; always give her best and never doubt that it is good enough; always remember where she came from and the people who helped her along the way.

I would tell her that, the best things in life are not things.. they are people.

I would tell her to, do what’s best for her, First. What’s best for her children second, and what’s best for everyone else.. after that.

I would tell my daughter that, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet.. and that is something that nobody can ever take from her.

I would tell her that, there will come day that she’ll have to question her life and wonder why she is here.. and when that day comes.. I want her to know that all of the answers … all that she needs to know… is right there in her own heart.

I would tell my daughter to, be kind to all people .. even when they are not kind in return.. for these are the people that need it most.

I would tell her to, find something to appreciate in everything and in everyone.

I would tell her that, she does not have to rely on other people for her good. That she can withdraw all that she needs from her soul.

The most important thing… that I would say to my daughter, the one thing that carry her through her life is that, she should NEVER be afraid of making a mistake, because mistakes, when evaluated, make MASTERS!

You are only a reflection of what another chooses to “SEE”

You may see me as: selfish and impossible.. it’s ok! as my purpose in this life is to serve and give freely.

You may see me as: A reflection of your own insecurities; your own wants; your own needs. Thats ok! As I see you as a soul in need of LOVE.

You may see me as: You listen to my words and hear only what you decide you want to hear… as this is the nature of humanity.

That’s alright! I will continue to speak truth.. as “TRUTH” is where healing begins.

You may see me as: You continue to seek “ACCEPTANCE” from others.. Please understand, that one day.. you will have no choice but to stand alone .. with only the truth of who you are. You will have to make a choice that you spent years preparing for.. Where acceptance of self will be the only thing standing between you and love.

You may see me as: Preachy.. Arrogant.. Self-centered.. pushy.. bossy.. impolite… intolerant.. over-critical.. Rude.. stubborn.. and a bit foolish.

I can live with this! As I know and truly believe that, A judgement made.. doesn’t define a person.. it defines the judge! A judgement is a true reflection of a judge’s doubts.. fears.. beliefs and insecurities. 

Fact is: I AM how you choose to see me! You think of me.. as you think of yourself! You take from me.. what you take from yourself! You listen to my words.. as you listen to your own inner-voice!!

Conclusion: You want an amazing life.. amazing friends.. an amazing soul…. (NOT some fake version of it) ??

START WITH YOU!! Learn to accept your past.. SEE it! Learn from it… and move forward!

Learn to accept your failures .. as Failure is but a myth… There is ALWAYS something to be gained from something lost!

Learn to accept your insecurities.. for they are the stepping stones to truth and love!

Learn to accept you are you are.. change what you are “NOT” and live with love in your heart! ONLY then.. will you truly be able to give with purpose!!        

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